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we are a network of business partners that start through the internet.

The development of the digital world became our best moment to provide information only through smart phones. Information that is easily obtained in just one hand, so you can find out the latest and latest news.

News source

The news presented has gone through a filtering stage filter, so you can read comfortably and casually

Image source.

The picture presented is more meaningful.

Target visitors

Providing information to millennials is our goal

a glimpse of Tamoramedia.

TamorWe are here in 2010, which was originally an individual who has a strong determination and desire and learn like everyone else.

not only that, as the development of the digital world in the universe of cyberspace, we are increasingly ambitious to provide the best for everyone.

An information that must be submitted in order to be useful.

In general, the news can make everyone aware of the incident only in the grip of a grip. Therefore JNetwork provides valuable information that you can enjoy through your smart phone.

Supported by a great team, we are not tired of providing information for you.

Do not hesitate to give criticism and advice, which aims to build a healthy and real media.


Ask millennials to provide valuable information.

Provide information

Every incident makes the attention of many people who want to know it.

mobile friendly

Easily accessed via smart phones wherever and whenever.

News Update

Loaded uniquely and transparently, so it is easier to read, understand.

Quick access

fast access in a smartphone in any network.

Connected with the world

the target is not only local, but international and the world of space.

our priority time

when a viral news occurs, we quickly convey it to you.


Dedicated by a great team and hard work.









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as a digital information media that comes to you millennial, here are some of our sub-channels.

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